Most Beautiful Garden Competition

Please note all classes will be judged in the period Saturday 22 June – Tuesday 25th June 2024

Entry forms, to be returned by 16th June latest, are available from the Section Organiser or by filling in the form below.

 Winners names with a photo of their garden will be displayed at the Show unless we are specifically asked not to do so.

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Additional Rules & Guidance Notes (Classes 220 – 222)

  1. Gardens must be within the Parish Boundary
  2. Entrants may have physical help with their garden but must state on the entry form what help they have, i.e. lawn mowing, lawn care, border edging, hedge/tree cutting etc.
  3. The definition of a ‘Novice’ is a person who has not previously won any prize in the Gardens Section of this Show.
  4. The winners will be presented with their trophies on Show Day.
  5. A Communal Garden is a garden within the Parish Boundary tended by a group, organisation or individual.


Section Organiser: (for all Horticultural classes)

Tricia Rothery
Tel: 07717 133771, Email:

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