To enter exhibits in the Competitive Sections is easy!

Take a look at the Schedule of Competitive Classes and decide which you would like to enter.

As far in advance as you can – complete an entry forms and send it with the entry fee to the Organizer of the Section you want to enter as soon as you like but by noon on the Friday before the Show at the very latest. That way the Section Organizer will be expecting your exhibits and will have your exhibitor cards ready for you to collect first thing on Show Day.

Read the schedule again carefully – if a class requires 4 of something, then 3 or 5 of them cannot be judged no matter how good they are because they will be ruled “not as schedule”.

On the morning of the Show – take your exhibits to the main marquee on the Showground as early as you can to avoid the rush. Any time between 8:00 and 10:00 the organizers of all the Competitive Sections will be waiting for you. Give your name to the Section Organizer and collect your exhibitor cards. Place your exhibits on the show benches where directed by the Stewards and put your exhibitor card underneath or attach it to each exhibit so that it can be seen by the judges. The marquee will close promptly at 10:00 for judging to begin. No exhibits can be accepted after this time.

Allow more time than you think you will need to stage your exhibits – there may be a queue. If possible, take spares – accidents can happen!

In the afternoon of the Show – the Competitive Marquee will open to the public at 1:00 pm and all the exhibits will be on display all afternoon. At 4:00 pm the President of the Society will award trophies to the major prize winners. If your entries have won any prizes, the money can be collected from the Section Organizer when you collect your exhibits after 4:00 pm. Please do not attempt to remove your exhibits before 4:30 pm as it spoils the display for other visitors to the Show. Exhibits must be removed by 5:30pm.

Good luck – and most of all – have fun!