2023 Awards and winners


Nat West Bank Tray – Best Exhibit in Show any media (classes 1-9) LEELA O’DEA


Mrs H Prince Cup – Highest points in section – female (classes 61-68) CHRISTINE LOCOCK

Mrs Gilmour Posy Bowl – Winner under 18s cookery (classes 69 & 70) FELICITY SHILTON

Robert Gilmour Rose Bowl – Highest points in section male (classes 61-68) PAUL WOOLEY


Bernard Allen Trophy – Winner Best Kept Summer Garden (class 220) LYNNE and DENNIS O’DEA

Charles Heeley Cup – Winner Sweet Peas (class 141) ROGER HUNT

F L Bennett Challenge Cup – Highest Points, Flower classes (excluding class 141) CLIVE HANCOCK

George Manners Trophy – Highest Points, Bean (classes 181-183) KATE DURRANT

Jim Fox Cup – Highest Points Overall (classes 141-192) CLIVE HANCOCK

Midlands Car Club Cup – Highest Points Vegetable (classes 173-192) HELEN PRICE

Mrs B Baskerville Trophy – Highest Points Under 18’s (classes 200-205) JESSICA DULSON

Mrs Edmund Corn Cup – Winner Best Kept Front Garden (class 220) Mrs K HOYES

Senior Citizens Cup – Winner Senior Citizens (class 170) CLIVE HANCOCK

Society’s Flower Cup – Best Exhibit in Flower Classes CLIVE HANCOCK

Society Gardens Cup – Novice Winner Best Kept Summer Garden TRISH ROTHERY


Frost Carpets Candelabra – Best Exhibit in Section (classes 11-20) NICK HOAR


Ivy Butcher Trophy – Awarded at Committee’s discretion (any category) to a child under 12 KILLIAN O’DEA

George Myatt Plate – Awarded at Committee’s discretion LINDSEY DAVIS